Special Giveaway: North of the Tension Line


It’s cold out. There’s not much to do, so why not enter a contest to win a free autographed copy of North of the Tension Line?

Submit a comment to this post explaining why you should receive a copy. Wide readership and/or a willingness to be a shameless shill are highly recommended.

Winner solely determined by the author’s whim. All decisions are final.

4 thoughts on “Special Giveaway: North of the Tension Line

  1. Well I think I deserve one even though I have already read this wonderful romp of a novel, which I got through interlibrary loan, from a library NOT in Door County! How is it that this great book is not in the system in Door County, when it takes place in said county? Were I to win this book I would share it with my book club friends and probably end up donating it to the library in Baileys Harbor where I live, we have the best librarian there, Jean Majeski, who I have come to know and trust for recommendations and advice on all things literary, as well s poultry issues.

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