Something You Don’t See Every Day

So, I had a book event for The Audacity of Goats at “A Room of One’s Own” in Madison on Sunday. People came, which is always nice.

But my own event notwithstanding, and apparently, unbeknownst to the general public, it was Food-Shaped Vehicle Driver Training Day at the Oscar Mayer plant.


Note the license plate.


There were also Mr. Planter’s Peanut vehicles, because, as every school child knows, it’s Mr. Planter’s 100th anniversary this year.

We asked one of the drivers about it, and he explained that there are only three peanut vehicles in the world. Since we hadn’t known that there were any, this came as a surprise.

“Are peanuts difficult to drive?” we asked.  He grinned. “It’s nuts!”

I imagine he’ll be saying that a lot this summer.


3 thoughts on “Something You Don’t See Every Day

  1. To bad that the Oscar Meyer Plant in Madison, WI will be closing. These weinner mobiles are iconic to Madison and the state of Wisconsin. A blast from the past to see these!
    I hope they get to practice here every year for All to see and kids to dream of driving one!


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