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J.F. Riordan

Among the great joys in my life are meeting my readers and talking about writing. It’s fascinating to hear what you think about the plot, the characters, the process, and it’s fun for me to try to answer your questions.

If you have a book club or writing class,  we can have a conversation wherever you are. With today’s technology it’s easy to set up a Skype visit or Zoom meeting that will allow interaction with anyone in the room.

Let’s find a way to get together and talk about writing.

Email me to get in touch.

Hope to see you soon!

“J.F. Riordan’s talk to a university journalism class was so well received she stayed well beyond the scheduled time.  Her ideas about the writing process and how to make a living through writing were informative and fun. There were many questions from the students who enjoyed her insights about how to improve their own work.”

Pat Hastings
Faculty Associate
School of Journalism and Mass Communication