Learning to Love Again

To the both of you who follow my blog: by now you are probably used to the reality that when I am writing a book, I don’t post many blogs. It’s a husbanding your resources thing.

Nevertheless, I interrupt this novel for a brief announcement:

We are in the queue again for a puppy. He has been born. He will be two weeks old tomorrow. We hope to pick him up and fly him home (on our laps) on May 6th. He is a cousin, of some sort, of Moses.

My husband insists that his name will be St. Augustine the Younger. He gets to pick, since I picked Moses, but I am still lobbying for St. George, the Dragon Slayer.

He will win.

So, watch this space for puppy pictures. Because my life needs a complication, albeit a delightful one.

Here is one of the puppies from the litter. Who knows? We may become friends.


It’s Finished! Publication date: April 2016

Yesterday the manuscript for the sequel to North of the Tension Line was delivered to my editor at Beaufort Books in New York. Although this is just the beginning of the process of making a book, we have a schedule and a publication date.

For my faithful blog readers–both of you–I apologize for being invisible and pledge to be a more regular correspondent. At least until the next proofs are due.