A Brief Comment on the World of Bookselling


The book business has always been mysterious, but in the turmoil of new media and new distributions, one thing remains the same: Sales Matter. And at my recent visit to BEA, it was made abundantly clear that in a world of many books, it’s difficult to be noticed. One way is to sell a lot of pre-orders. So if you enjoy my blog, may I please urge you to take a little jaunt over to Barnes and Noble, or to Amazon, or to your favorite bookstore, and ask for North of the Tension Line? Thank you!


3 thoughts on “A Brief Comment on the World of Bookselling

  1. I just returned home yesterday after my seventh annual trip to my favorite little rental cottage in Egg Harbor. Imagine my surprise when, while updating my Goodreads account (who doesn’t read and read and read while lying on a deck on the shore of Green Bay?), I stumbled upon your upcoming release of North of the Tension Line. Fate? I just wanted to let you know what I can’t wait to read it and hope that you continue writing about one of the most beautiful parts of the country, the Door Peninsula. By the way, I’m a Wisconsinite, born and bred 😉 …


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