One Tiny Light Goes Out



We lost our two week old puppy today. It’s not exactly clear what happened, but he died a terrible death, crushed.

We never held him, or knew him beyond his photographs, but we had named him. He was real. And we were waiting to bring him home to us.

Loving anything means that you can be wounded by its loss, and we already loved this small creature, his soul shining with innocence.

I don’t believe that the universe is indifferent to miracles, no matter how small. His life seems, to me, wasted. But he lived. And somehow that matters.

I need to believe that for even the smallest life, the angels weep.

4 thoughts on “One Tiny Light Goes Out

  1. I am so sorry to read of the loss of this precious life. Even though you never held him, he was your family. We watched “puppy cam” for the first 4 weeks of our chocolate labs life and felt every minute that she was “ours” without ever touching her. Auggie crossed over Rainbow Bridge far too soon 😦


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