Learning to Love Again

To the both of you who follow my blog: by now you are probably used to the reality that when I am writing a book, I don’t post many blogs. It’s a husbanding your resources thing.

Nevertheless, I interrupt this novel for a brief announcement:

We are in the queue again for a puppy. He has been born. He will be two weeks old tomorrow. We hope to pick him up and fly him home (on our laps) on May 6th. He is a cousin, of some sort, of Moses.

My husband insists that his name will be St. Augustine the Younger. He gets to pick, since I picked Moses, but I am still lobbying for St. George, the Dragon Slayer.

He will win.

So, watch this space for puppy pictures. Because my life needs a complication, albeit a delightful one.

Here is one of the puppies from the litter. Who knows? We may become friends.


2 thoughts on “Learning to Love Again

  1. Hello again! Your posts haven’t been arriving in my inbox for some reason. I can’t wait to buy the book I see on the sidebar. And a puppy! You may remember that I am an artist, with a small gallery on main street. I’ve been thinking it would be a lovely complication to have a small shop dog, and have gone so far as to find a Westie puppy… but I am teetering on the should I/shouldn’t I quandary. Do I really want the complication? Do I want to love again?


    • Hello again! Every time I get a puppy I agonize about the upheaval that comes along with it. But I have never been sorry to have a lovely creature in my life to love and be loved by. It is so absolutely worth it. And besides, customers are drawn to shops with dogs.:)
      I’m not sure why you haven’t been receiving my posts–other than the fact that I have hardly been writing any. As soon as this book is finished I will be back to posting on a regular basis. That is, until I have to begin Book 4.
      Lovely to hear from you. And please let me know whether you get a puppy!


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