Remember What Matters

My tribute to the late Poet Laureate, Donald Hall.

Donald Hall

3 thoughts on “Remember What Matters

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed you interesting comments about this poet you came to know. It is always fascinating to cross paths with someone who makes an impact on us and then continue to have a connection with them.
    I am reading your book “The Audacity of Goats” and love it! I read the first book in the series and found the humor and unique characters very appealing.
    Thank you for writing these books!


  2. What a moving tribute! I confess to not being very familiar with his work, but your tribute evoked memories of my happy hours with Frost and Dickinson as an English major and prompted a craving for more. I, too, have favorite writers whose work seems tattooed on my very soul. I was only able to convey my deep thanks to a few, and I’m certain your correspondence with Mr. Hall gave him great joy in the final chapter of life. My thanks for a beautiful reminder of the enduring power of well-chosen words.


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